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Its Not How You Feed Them, It's How You Breed Them

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At The Big Boi Kennel, we specialize in breeding Blue-Nose American Pit-bull Terriers and produce blue pit-bull puppies a few times a year. We have many years of breeding experience and are located in Passaic County, New Jersey, a short distance from Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.



Although blue-nose bullies are our specialty, we also offer Red-Nose American Pit-Bull Terriers. We pride ourselves in our bullies and their physical structure and take much pleasure in providing pit-bull lovers with excellent pets, great companions and worthy protectors. Also, we provide a pit-bull stud service for qualified dams.



At our kennel, we have some of the most exclusive Blue-Line blood on the east coast. All of our bullies are purple ribbon bred and registered with the U.K.C. These bullies are solid Blue-Line bred, American Pit-Bull Terriers and have proven themselves to be some of the top producing bullies in the Tri-State Area. When you purchase a bully from our kennel, you can rest assured that you will receive an A-1 quality blood-line bred bully, from a knowledgeable kennel.



Our puppies will not be separated from their mother until they are at nine weeks of age, at which time they will be eligible to be purchased. Upon receiving your pit-bull puppy, you will also receive your U.K.C. Registration Form. We also provide the family history of that bully, as well as pit-bull training tips, pit-bull weight pulling information and tips on feeding your pit-bull puppy.